Join APC, a Community of dedicated Pointer People!

Join the American Pointer Club (APC) and enjoy all the benefits that membership brings.

You’ll join a community of dedicated people who focus on improvement of our Pointers – and involvement of our members. Put your voice and vote to work in a great club, with a great mission, that supports a breed we’re so proud of. In addition to a rewarding experience, here are some of the membership benefits you’ll receive

  • Annual Awards & Trophies – MEMBERS’ top performing Pointers in Conformation, Performance, Companion venues are recognized each year; plus, plaques are awarded to MEMBERS’ top winners during National Specialty week.
  • Health Testing & Rebates – health clinics are offered at most Nationals, and MEMBERS are  offered deep discounts for testing on-site, plus testing rebates for an entire year leading up to the next National.
  • Purina Parent Club Partnership – APC is a Purina Parent Club participant, so all Pointer owners who are feeding Purina brands, and meet the criteria, can join the Purina Pro Club, and earn rewards by redeeming points through purchases. MEMBERS can also reap the benefit of programs implemented with the funds contributed by Purina to our club programs in education, health & research. Learn more about this here at Purina Pro Club.
  • Scholarships – an annual scholarship, in the amount of $1,000.00, is awarded to a Veterinary Student with an interest in purebred dogs.
  • Futurity and Maturity Nominations – the Futurity and Maturity competitions recognize up and coming young Pointers at each year’s Nationals. Only litters that are bred or co-bred by someone who has been an APC member for at least 6 months is eligible to enter the program.
  • Monthly E-Newsletter – “To The Point”, our electronic newsletter, is emailed monthly to MEMBERS. The latest news, upcoming events, deadline reminders, etc., are covered in a timely manner.
  • Optional Listing on Website for Breeders – Breeder MEMBERS can take advantage of a listing in the APC Breeders Directory that helps people locate puppies and or an adult Pointer.

Types of APC Membership

There are five types of membership:

  • REGULAR: A member 18 years or older; enjoys full privileges.
  • JUNIOR: A member under 18 years of age; ineligible to vote or hold office.
  • LEGACY MEMBER: After twenty-five (25) years of membership (not necessarily consecutive), a member can elect Legacy membership. Legacy members pay dues and enjoy all the rights and privileges as regular members.
  • EMERITUS MEMBERS: After twenty-five years (25) of membership (not necessarily consecutive), members can elect Emeritus membership. Emeritus members pay no dues but cannot vote nor hold office.
  • Legacy and Emeritus Members can elect either Legacy or Emeritus membership annually.
  • FOREIGN MEMBERS: Foreign members are defined as members living outside the fifty (50) United States and all United States territories. Cannot vote or hold office.

HOW to Join – It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Complete the Membership Application, and a letter of introduction; find the application using the link below,
  2. Find two sponsors who are already APC members; have them sign your application and write a letter of recommendation,
  3. Mail your documents, with the appropriate dues amount, to the Membership Chair (contact info on the Membership Application).   That’s it!