Scholarship Recipients

Diana Chan 2021 Recipient

Diana Chan, a first year student attending Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton, Massachusetts is the recipient of the first Karen Blasche Memorial Junior Scholarship of $1000.00

Diana is from Old Saybrook, Connecticut and her interests in dogs began at the age of 10 handling a Bernese Mountain Dog from which she quickly met and fell in love with a Pointer!

Soon, Diana was a regular showing her Pointer in the conformation ring and as she told the committee, “It became an outlet and platform for growth and maturation”

Diana soon became a regular familiar face showing her Pointer in both conformation and Jr. Showmanship competition and soon after aging out of Jr. Competition in 2013 she applied for and received regular status as a Jr Showmanship Judge in 2015!

Diana not only was a regular in conformation but she was very active in the American Pointer Club and serves as Chair of the APC Jr. Showmanship Committee since 2015 and also serves on the Health and Research Committee. As she remained active in various Pointer activities her interest in canine medicine began to grow and prompted her to become a veterinarian which eventually led her to Tufts University and begin her education and aspiring career.

Diana Chan is a true testament to the future of Pointers for their care, good health and love as well as her interest in all canines. Much success to you for a bright future.

Congratulations Diana!

Karen Blasche was a very active lifetime member of the American Pointer Club and her decades of volunteering her time and energy to the history of the Pointer and the American Pointer Club and official record keeper of all aspects of competition and statistics of Pointers was invaluable!

In 2019, Karen lost her battle with cancer and died quietly in her home in the state of Oregon with her husband Ted at her side. Karen leaves behind a tremendous legacy and knowledge of Pointer history, facts and data. In addition, Karen had a real interest in juniors to become involved and active with Pointers. The American Pointer Club, like Karen, understands that education is a never-ending process and supports the growth of Juniors interested in the sport of dogs and the advancement of their own education. There is no greater combination of skills learned by being involved with the sport coupled with academic achievement. The American Pointer Club is pleased to offer juniors the Karen Blasche Memorial Scholarship to be awarded starting in the spring of 2021.

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