Learn how to begin your search for a responsible breeder.  Inform yourself about what questions to ask to ensure you find the best fit for you and your family. 

Pointer Breeders


Where do you find the Pointer puppy that’s perfect for you?

Responsible Pointer breeders work hard to produce puppies who are healthy and well socialized.  When evaluating a breeder, learn about their breeding philosophy, dogs, and litter. Prepare a list of questions and expectations to ask when you speak on the phone or meet in person.  Expect your breeder to interview you as a potential puppy buyer and ask questions about your home environment, other pets, and experience with dogs.

Remember, both you and your breeder want you to find a healthy and happy dog who matches your lifestyle and will be your companion for many years to come.

* NOTICE: The American Pointer Club, Inc. (“APC”) does not recommend, endorse, guarantee or rate breeders, their kennels or their stock. Dogs are not examined or otherwise evaluated by the APC. Buyers should be certain to check all matters relating to registration, health, quality and stud agreements with the breeders, sellers or stud owners prior to making any decisions. Publication of a listing in the APC Breeders’ Directory should not be considered an endorsement of the advertiser by the APC. Each breeder listed is a current member in good standing of the American Pointer Club, Inc., but in no circumstances does the American Pointer Club, Inc. guarantee the products and/or services of said members in any way.