Policy & Procedures

Mission Statement

“Adherence is controlled only by one ‘s pride”

 We are dedicated in our goal to protect and advance the Interest of the Pointer, as this mission statement was established for all club members in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the American Pointer Club (APC), Inc.

A breeding will…

  • Only be done when willing to maintain high breeding standards and for the betterment of the breed
  • Always be done with a goal to produce puppies that are of better quality than the parents
  • Never be done for monetary reasons
  • Be pursued with dogs of quality (characteristic type, so un d structure and temp era men t and free of know n congenital faults)
  • Take place only when the breeder is willing to keep all puppies until responsible homes are found
  • Always take place with the commitment that the breeder is responsible for each dog they breed/own for the life of that dog

Dogs sold or placed will…

  • Be sold or placed with a mutually agreed upon, written and signed contract or agreement at the time of sale or placement
  • Be honestly evaluated regarding their pedigree, temperaments, potential and faults involved

” Be sold with a limited registration and a written agreement stating that the dog will not be bred, will be neutered if     substandard or inferior

  • Never be knowingly sold to, or through, pet stores (even on commission), sold as whole sale litters, sold at dog auctions, offered as prizes for a raffle or lottery, or sold to commercial breeding operations or persons acting as an agent for a commercial breeding operation
  • Be placed or sold with copies of the following being supplied to the new owner:

Certificates/medic al records of all veterinary procedures

Records and/or care as required by federal, state and/or local laws Pedigree

AKC registration or transfer documents, unless written agreement is made at the time of sale that papers will be withheld

  • Never be sold and/or placed by means of deliberately misleading and/or untruthful advertising

” Have all potential owners screened to assure that dogs will have safe and loving homes as well as following up on the dog after the sale or placement to ensure the dog’s continued care

” Be in homes where you encourage the owners to become involved in Pointer activities, such as show, field, obedience, rally, agility and /o r tracking.

The dog’s health will…

  • Be maintained with the best possible standards of canine health, cleanliness and veterinary care

” Inc lude consideration of the dog’s mental health, ensuring contact with people, exposure to multiple environments other than within your own home, your property and/or kennel

APC members will…

  • Adhere to American Kennel Club (AKC) rules pertaining g to record keeping, registration, sale and transfer of dogs, for AK C registered dogs, as well as adhering to the rules pertaining to the exhibition of these dogs at AKC events
  • Breed AKC registered (or member’s country of residence registration body) Pointers with other A KC registered (or member’s country of residence registration body) Pointers
  • Keep accurate records of mating and pedigrees
  • Encourage sportsman like competition and practice the principles of good sportsmanship
  • Conduct oneself in all aspects of the sport of dogs in a manner designed to reflect credit upon the Pointer and the APC

” Not ex hi bit conduct prejudicial to the sport as de fine d by Section IV (Conduct Prejudicial to the Sport) as out lined in the

AKC’s “Dealing with Misconduct at American Kennel Club Events” at said events

” Not engage the spreading of unfounded rumors about another Club member(s) and/or their dog(s).