American Pointer Club Hall of Fame

MARK M. BRYANT (  ? – 1965)
Inducted 1974

His kennels and home were at Montgomeryville, PA, but this famous breeder was a “Buckeye” at heart.  His foundation stock consisted of Ch. Nancollether Daisy and Ch. The Wac of Green Valley, obtained from Fred Hunt and Ch. Elstone Happy Landings and Ch. Bryant’s Bright Future from the kennels of Leo Dunn (HOF).  In these four dogs Mark had the very best of English bloodlines as well as a strong strain of the famous Herewithem stock coming down from Ch. Fishel’s Latest News.

Mark Bryant was a major influence in the breed during the early 1940’s into the 1960’s, his prefix beginning simply as “Bryant’s”, later adding “Buckeye”, conjuring up names as Gang Buster, Drummer Boy, Lovely Lady, Kathleen, Wanda, Claudia, Girlie, Sterling, Trinka and Colleen.  His personal favorite and constant companion was “Kimmy”, Ch Bryant’s Bright Future, touted as “Paramount–Herewithem breeding”. Kimmy was one of the pillars of his breeding program, a Hall Of Fame Ch. Elstone Citadel son (and littermate to HOF Ch. Mihaski’s Mr. Chipps) bred by Charles Siever in 1944.

Mark was never willing to sacrifice the true purpose of the dog for appearance’s sake – they were always good shooting dogs as well as good show dogs.  Dr. Robert F. Parker (HOF) considered Mark Bryant to be the breed’s most influential contributor “by far”.

GERALDINE R. DODGE – (1882 – 1973)
Inducted 1974

Mrs. Marcellus Hartley Dodge, Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge was a powerful and influential name in the world of purebred dogs.  She used “Giralda Farms” as her kennel prefix and kept more than 100 top show dogs of various breeds at her lavish kennels at Madison, NJ.  In 1932, one of her superb pointer imports, British Champion Nancolleth Markable, (reserve Best In Show Crufts 1931) became the second of only three pointers in history to win Best In Show at Westminster.  It was reported in the December 1932 Western Kennel World that he had won close to 30 Bests In Show.  Some of Mrs. Dodge’s other important pointer imports included Ch. Benson Of Crombie (winner of 18 Bests In Show), Ch. Nancolleth Beryl (littermate to Markable and winner of 20 Bests In Show) and Ch. Nancolleth Marquis (winner of at least 18 Bests In Show).

Mrs. Dodge established the world famous Morris & Essex dog shows that reigned supreme from 1927 through 1957 on the polo grounds at Giralda Farms.  In 1939 she founded St. Hubert’s Giralda as an animal shelter on her estate and after 1957 devoted most of her energies to actively helping unwanted dogs and other animals found roaming the streets and countryside.  She was a member of the American Pointer Club in the early 1960’s.

LEO A. DUNN – (1883 – 1984)
Inducted 1974

Leo Dunn was a founding member and 2nd Vice President of the APC in 1938 and its President from 1939 through 1950.  As a boy of ten he had an Irish setter to grow up and learn to hunt with.  Later he turned to English setters but was to be a “pointer man” after a hunting trip to the South with a companion who had pointers that “were hide and bones but eagerly awaiting the new dawn to be out and away”.  He admired their ability to hunt and the “heart” to please their master.  Eng. Ch. Elstone Spring was imported for his hunting abilities, but after he won the dog show the night before the big field trial, everyone was amazed (except Leo) when the handsome dog also won the stake the next day.  He was a dual-purpose or “all-purpose” breeder for thirty years.  His “Elstone” prefix became famous in the show world from the 1930’s into the 1960’s, namely through littermates Ch. Elstone Citadel (a Hall Of Fame sire of 23 champions) and Ch. Elstone Happy Landings (one of HOF Mark Bryant’s foundation bitches) both sired by the famous lemon and white Irish import, Ch. Pennine Paramount of Prune’s Own owned by Mrs A. Biddle Duke (Priscilla “Prune” Ryan).  Other notable Elstone names remembered are Fashion Plate, Heritage, Stylish Hawk, Clipper, Mystic’s Son and his last pointer, Ch. Elstone Highbrow.  He imported Maesydd Mystic and owned Ch. Beacon’s Game Lad (Herewithem Yankee Doodle x Ch. Brown Blighter) who sired 18 champions.  In 1955 Leo was elected Honorary President Emeritus of the American Pointer Club.  He lived to be 101 years of age and although not an active member for decades, never lost interest in the breed.

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ROBERT F. MALONEY – (?- 1965)
Inducted 1974

This Pittsburgh sportsman owned the American bred Ch. Governor Moscow, first pointer to win Best In Show at Westminster in 1925.    He also imported some of England and Scotland’s finest Pointers during the 1920’s, thereby establishing the foundation for one of the greatest bloodlines in pointer history, “Herewithem”.   Some imports included Lingley Moor (renamed Ch. Lansdowne Prairie Queen), Ch. Stylish Mac (Scotland’s great sire, an excellent grouse dog and the sire of Ch. Herewithem J.P. who was the winner of 18 consecutive Best In Shows!), Eng. Ch. Felicity Of Ardagh (dam of Ch. Herewithem Moscow’s Olga, Ch. Herewithem Moscow’s Memories, and Ch. Herewithem Moscow), Ch. Ferndale Fay (a sensation in England in 1926), Stylish Ivy (sired by Ch. Stylish Mac in Scotland), etc.

Every pointer that carried the Herewithem prefix was required to demonstrate good shooting dog abilities.  After WWII, Bob Maloney returned the favor to his friends in England and Scotland by exporting Herewithem stock as gifts to help rebuild their kennels.  The names of some of these dogs and bitches were Herewithem Moscow’s Spirit, full British Champion Herewithem Royal Flush “Yank” (sire of Eng. Ch. Chiming Bells, Best In Show at Crufts 1958), Ch. Herewithem General Mac (Gaines Best Sporting Dog of 1945), Herewithem Widow Moon and Ch. Herewithem Old Glory (littermate to Gen. Mac).  Their names still trace back to the US in the bloodlines of English imports today.

Inducted 1974

A distinguished judge and one of APC’s founders and 1st Vice President in 1938, he imported several outstanding pointers during the late 1930’s including future Hall Of Fame Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Stylish Myrrh Of Rolew (bred in Scotland in 1935 by Isaac Sharpe).  Paul Palmer bred countless champions with his “Rolew” prefix at his kennels in Ridgefield, CT, including Ch. Rolew Startler and Ch. Rolew Rhyme (both out of Myrrh).  She was also the dam of Ch. Herewithem General Mac and Ch. Herewithem Old Glory, pointers Bob Maloney chose to send to England as gifts after WWII.

As a judge, Mr. Palmer was one of the earliest to discover future Hall Of Fame Ch. Vilmar’s Lucky as he put him up from the classes to Best Of Breed at the APC Specialty in 1954.  He served as the APC AKC Gazette columnist in 1955, AKC Delegate during most of the ‘50’s, and was instrumental in revising the Pointer standard in 1957.  His address on the APC membership roster simply read “Paul Palmer, Readers Digest, Pleasantville, NY.  He was editor in the 1950’s.

Inducted 1974

(Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Gang Buster x Bryant’s Buckeye Girlie)Bred by Mark Bryant (HOF), shown and ultimately owned by Ruth Williams, this gorgeous show bitch won numerous Bests In Show and/or American-Bred Bests In Show during her exciting career in the early 1950’s. Previously owned and shown by Ed Kulp as a puppy, she was Best Of Winners at Morris & Essex at age 11 months and Winners Bitch at the APC Specialty at Westchester to finish her championship at age 15 months in 1951.

She won Best of Breed at Westminster in 1953, described by Sam Sullivan (HOF) as “not as large a bitch as some of the Pointers shown but she is extremely clean and typey.  She is well angulated and sets up with a top line that is a real picture to behold”.

Claudia is a great-granddaughter of the Hall Of Fame immortals Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Elstone Citadel with Ch. Governor Moscow farther back. She is the great-great-great granddam of HOF Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph through Truewithem High As A Kite.  She’s also in the pedigree of Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, twice in the pedigree of Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC, all Hall Of Fame inductees.

 Inducted 1974

(Drumgannon Drum Major x Molly Of Drumgannon)  Purchased from the Macdonald Daly’s in England by Paul Palmer (HOF) in 1938, this handsome liver and white import won Best In Show honors on both sides of the Atlantic before siring 19 American champions. Lola Macdonald Daly said he is the only pointer she ever owned to which she would bestow the soubriquet “great”. He was entirely outcross bred, strong in Drumgannon and Crombie strains.

Dreadnought’s name can be found repeatedly in the pedigrees of THIRTEEN Hall of Fame pointers, Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl, Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Claudia, Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty, Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, Ch/OTCH Scanpoint’s Sunrise Serenade, DC Scanpoints Touch O’Troll, Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX, Ch. Sydmar The Heartless Wench and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC, truly making him a pillar of the breed in America.

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Inducted 1974

(Ch. Pennine Paramount Of Prune’s Own x Jetsome Of Althea) 

“Byng” was (HOF) Leo Dunn’s famous homebred son of the lemon and white Irish-bred import “Paramount”.  His dam was a lemon and white daughter by English import Mark Of Crombie out of the Isaac Sharpe bitch Stylish Lux of Althea (Scotland).  He was an outcross bred mainly on Nancolleth and Mallwyd lines, also lemon and white and described as 70 lbs and standing 28” at the shoulder, with dark eyes and perfectly balanced.

Byng sired 23 champions, including Ch. Bryant’s Bright Future, Ch. Elstone Fashion Plate, Ch. Ron’s Rachel and Hall Of Fame Ch. Mihaski’s Mr. Chipps.  Including Chipps, he is represented often numerous times throughout the pedigrees of FOURTEEN HOF pointers: Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl, Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Claudia, Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty, Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, Ch/OTCH Scanpoint’s Sunrise Serenade, DC Scanpoints Touch O’Troll, Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX, Ch. Sydmar The Heartless Wench and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC.

CH. FINEFIELD’S COVER GIRL – (1951 – 1964)
Inducted 1974

(Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Noble x Ch. Finefield’s Maid Of Mihaski)  Bred by Sam Sullivan (HOF) and owned by Jack Rementer, this beautiful show bitch called “Tootsie” was shown 49 times in specials, won 43 Bests Of Breed, 6 Bests Of Opposite Sex, 15 Group 1’s, 15 other Group placements and 5 Bests In Show during the 1950’s.  One of her fine Group wins came at Morris & Essex in 1956 under HOF judge Enos Phillips.

She has Hall Of Fame luminaries Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow in her background and is herself in the pedigrees of NINE others; Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty, Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX, Ch. Sydmar The Heartless Wench and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC.

Inducted 1974

(Ch. Mallwyd Moscow x Queen Mason) The first pointer to win Best In Show at Westminster, 1925 where he posed like a granite statue for handler Ben Lewis, Jr. and won over 2500 entries.  Bred by Earl Brown and whelped in Massachusetts in 1921, his sire was imported from England and his dam (black, white and ticked) was from Fld. Ch. Alford’s John lines going back to Ch. Graphic.

Ben Lewis, Jr. is said to have spotted the dog at a show near Boston and purchased him for Robert F. Maloney (HOF) for $125.  An excellent shooting dog, “Govvy” was the beginning of a golden age of show pointers in America, surpassing even the heyday of the 1880’s through 1910.  He became a champion in 1923 and sired 9 champions.

He is in the pedigree of FIFTEEN Hall Of Fame pointers: Ch. Vilmar’s Lucky, Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl, Ch. Mihaski’s Mr. Chipps, Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Claudia, Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty, Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, Ch/OTCH Scanpoint’s Sunrise Serenade, DC Scanpoints Touch O’Troll, Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX, Ch. Sydmar The Heartless Wench and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC.  In the late 1930’s and again after WWII some of his offspring were exported as gifts to England and Scotland, causing virtually every pedigree in the UK today (and those imported to the U.S.) to carry his bloodlines.  The gene pool in pointers is even smaller than we may have realized.

Inducted 1975

Mr. Purdy, President of Citizen’s Savings Bank in Stamford, CT was an ardent bird hunter and sportsman.  He was an APC member/honorary member for 40 years, a Director and past President (1952 & ‘53) and served as the AKC Delegate in 1955.

Never using a kennel prefix of his own, he bred and/or owned many fine pointers between 1917 and the 1950’s, including Moscow’s Belle, Gay Ghost Pandora, Leona J.P., Moscow’s Julie (dam of Ch. Tempo), Ch. Tempo’s Trueluck, Ch. Trueluck’s Challenge (two-time APC Specialty Best Of Breed 1952 & ‘53), Pat’s Lee, Ch. Pat’s Dyrk and Ch. Benbrook Trojan.  His breeding program utilized prominent Herewithem bloodlines, one of the few “outsiders” Bob Maloney (HOF) would allow to breed to his dogs.

His dogs and bitches can be found in outstanding pedigrees, including Richland, Shandown, Bukany, Truewithem and Vilmar.

Inducted 1975

Mary Ann was an adventurer.  In 1929 and again in 1935 she traveled around the world by way of ocean liner with her mother. She flew airplanes and in 1943 became only the seventh woman in the United States to have an instrument (blind flying) rating. She worked as a commercial pilot qualified to fly the U. S. Mail before turning her talents to breeding and exhibiting nine generations of splendid “Vilmar” champions between 1946 and the 1960’s.

Her first pointers were Ch. Tempo’s Ariosa and Ch. Beacon’s Ranger.  Her mentor was Charlie Palmer, the famous handler.  Her foundation bitch, Vilmar’s Patty drew heavily on Herewithem bloodstock through Benbrook (Homer Blackburn) and Cady (Charles Cady) and produced Hall Of Fame Ch. Vilmar’s Lucky in 1952.  Mary Ann once stated that “without Bob Maloney’s breeding program, none who have top winning dogs would ever have been able to breed anything that holds true.”

This independent woman was a force in the reactivation of the APC and became President for three terms (1953, 1955 & 1956).  She was the Gaines Dog Breeder of the Year for 1956, and was the breeder of America’s first solid orange pointer to become a champion (1954).

DR. ROCKWOOD H. THAYER – (1902 – 1981)
Inducted 1975

Twice APC President (1970 & ’71) and a Director several times, this surgeon used the “Misty Meadows” prefix, named after his country place in Massachusetts and the site of a fun trial and party for APC he hosted.  “Rocky” was always known to support the Club’s activities with both his generosity and his presence.

Homebred “Goldie” was his favorite pointer, Ch. Goldilocks of Misty Meadow.  Jack Laytham (HOF) recalled at one of the APC’s trials at the du Pont Estate in Delaware, Goldie had two finds; was staunch but on flush, broke and with her great speed, caught the bird in mid-air and retrieved it to her owner with hardly a feather ruffled!

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Inducted 1975

(Shelbark’s Arrowroot x Shelbark’s Confetti)  Bred and owned by John D. (Jack) Rementer, Jr., this orange and white grandson of Hall Of Fame Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl sired ten champions, including Ch. Rementer’s Copyrite, Ch. Rementer’s Jolly Roger, Ch. Rementer’s Vanguard, Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Top Brass and HOF Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty (“Teddy”).

Jack Rementer used “Shelbark” as his kennel prefix before switching to “Rementer”, but Twenty Carats or “Goldy” is pure Bryant line breeding back five generations to Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought, Ch. Elstone Citadel and earlier Herewithem to Ch. Governor Moscow, all Hall Of Fame mainstays.

Including Teddy, Goldy is in the pedigree of EIGHT HOF pointers: Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX, Ch. Sydmar the Heartless Wench and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC.

CH. VILMAR’S LUCKY – (1952 – 1966)
Inducted 1975

(Ch. Captain Speck x Vilmar’s Patty)  Bred, owned and handled by APC Hall Of Fame member Mary Ann Wadsworth (Rich), this marvelous liver and white dog won four consecutive APC Specialty Best Of Breeds, a record unmatched to this day.  The first of these wins came in 1954 under Paul Palmer from the classes and his fourth was from Mrs. Dodge, both members of the APC Hall of Fame.

“Lucky” was shown 40 times; his  achievements include winning 38 BOB’s, 28 Group 1’s, 8 other Group placements and 12 Bests In Show.  His breeding is very strong in Herewithem on both sides plus Post Road back to forebears of Ch. Governor Moscow and American lines all the way back to Manitoba Rap and Fishel’s Frank.

Mary Ann considered him her “once in a lifetime dog”, “an elegant and breathtaking mover.”  Dr. Robert F. Parker (HOF) felt that Lucky was the most properly built pointer of all.  Bred very sparingly, he is the sire of 3 champions and through Ch. Kenmure’s Rarity is in the pedigree of Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC, all in the Hall Of Fame.

1976 Mary Richmond

MARY RICHMOND –  (1924 – 2014)
Inducted 1976

Beginning with Ch. Richland’s Herewith Startler in 1951, Mary and husband Frank (F.T.) continuously bred champions and top producers, including Ch. Richland’s Stylish Flyboy, Richland’s Fancy Me, Ch. Richland’s Denwood Rou, Ch. Richland’s Merrie Rose, Ch. Richland’s Merrie Rou, Ch. Richland’s Stylish Commanche, etc. for more than thirty years.

Their prefix has contributed to the foundation stock of many extremely successful breeding lines, notably Shandown, Ry-Hi, Pandel and Belarm, itself drawing on Hall Of Fame Ch. Elstone Citadel and great American lines such as Denwood and those of (HOF) Clayton Purdy’s, including Herewithem.  Mary was the APC’s first Futurity judge in 1985 and also judged the National Sweepstakes in 1981.

Inducted 1976

(Ch. Elstone Citadel x Faylynn Of Crowlcroft) Bred by Charles Siever and owned by Sam Sullivan (HOF), “Chipps” is a litter brother to (HOF) Mark Bryant’s Ch. Bryant’s Bright Future.  Sired by one of the pillars of the APC Hall Of Fame, his dam is Herewithem bred through Ch. Fishel’s Latest News back to HOF Ch. Governor Moscow. Becoming a Champion in 1946 this handsome liver, white and ticked goodwill ambassador won many Groups, 5 Best In Shows and the first APC Specialty held in 1951 (after the club was reorganized).

He is the sire of 7 champions and is found in the pedigree of FIVE Hall Of Fame inductees through Truewithem High As A Kite: Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC.

W. ENOS PHILLIPS (    – 1977)
Inducted 1977

Using the “Harbor Hill” prefix since before 1910, this long time pointer man and sporting dog judge produced scores of fine dual-purpose (including solid colored) dogs.  He authored the classic “The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage” in 1970, a work much sought after today.  He owned litter brothers Ch. Rementer’s Vanguard and Hall Of Fame Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty in the 1960’s.

Inducted 1977

Affectionately known as “Granny”, she purchased the “Denwood” prefix from Mr. P. H. Powel in 1945 and continued the program as “Hill’s Denwood” then “Denwood” through the 1970’s.  Her Hill’s Denwood Guy and Hill’s Denwood Jeremy were champions in the early 1950’s and are in many pedigrees with Richland, Pocatalico, Rock Falls, and Kenmure.

She was quite interested in field trials and famous for her solids and Norwegian imports during the 1950’s and 60’s.  Frances Hill served on the APC Board of Directors in 1957.

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Inducted 1977

(Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats x Bryant’s Buckeye Sterling) Bred by Mary J. Brown, “Teddy” was owned by APC Hall Of Fame member Enos Phillips and handled by Charley Meyer.  He is a line-bred son of HOF Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats and littermate to Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Top Brass and Ch. Rementer’s Vanguard.

Teddy won 2 APC Specialties in 1963 and ’64.  He also won 124 BOBs, 61 Group 1’s, 36 other Group placements and 13 Bests In Show.  He produced 6 champions in three litters out of Truewithem bitches and played a major role in the foundation of the prepotent Truewithem bloodlines.  In addition to his sire, Teddy has three other Hall Of Fame stars in his background, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought, Ch. Elstone Citadel and Ch. Governor Moscow.

Through his daughter Ch. Truewithem Majestic Triumph he appears in the pedigrees of FIVE HOF pointers, Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl, DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC.

BERYL V. HIRSCHBERGER – (1910 – 1983)
Inducted 1983

This dear lady served as the American Pointer Club’s AKC Gazette columnist with wit and grace for more than a quarter century (1956–1982).  As such, she was the natural bond between all Pointer people.

Beryl began in pointers in the late 1940’s with Ch. Lady Jane Of Aldendale (Hall of Fame Ch. Governor Moscow bloodlines from England), bred her and produced the fine Ch. Lady’s Man (the “Old Gentleman”); acquired the English bitch Ch. Lucent of Abbottsend (also with HOF Ch. Governor Moscow bloodlines) and established the “Ry-Hi” program with a background from American Richland.

Some of her champions and top producers were Ry-Hi’s Gunsmoke, Ch. Ry-Hi’s Great Gunner, Ch. Ry-Hi’s The Tennessean CD, Ch. Ry-Hi’s Roundabout Raccoon, Ch. Ry-Hi’s The Tennessee Waltz, Ch. Ry-Hi’s Wayward Witch and Ch. Ry-Hi’s The Chocolate Moose.

Beryl served as APC Secretary in the early 1950’s, was Treasurer and Director for many years and was always well known for her friendliness and encouragement to newcomers in the fancy.

JOHN G. LAYTHAM – (1906 – 1983)
Inducted 1983

Jack was the President of APC in 1962, ’63 and ’68, Secretary, and Director as well as a member of AKC’s Advisory Committee for Pointing Dog Field Trials.  He authored “The Pointer” in 1981.

Favorite pointers he bred or owned include Ch. Happy Squaw, Ch. Ruralville Stylish Mike and Ch. Redwing Of Indian Springs.  He was a respected and most sought after judge for both shows and field trials, and his name was synonymous with the American Pointer Club Field Trials.

Jack was described as a kind and friendly man, a breed enthusiast who always took time to encourage newcomers and amateur owners by extending a warm handshake and the willingness to take time to share with them the joys of owning a Pointer.

Inducted 1984

(Ch. Ruten’s Continuation x Ch. Scanpoints Happy Landing) Bred by Karin Ashe and Pat O’Donnell, and owned by Pat and Jamie O’Donnell, “Goliath” completed his bench championship at just nine months of age.  He was the first pointer in the United States to become a Champion in both show and field, all before reaching the age of six. Goliath was amateur trained and handled in the field, earning 33 AKC and AF placements in Open and Amateur stakes.

Whelped in 1978, he is the son of a Norwegian import (who also sired Hall Of Fame Ch/OTCH Scanpoint’s Sunrise Serenade) and his dam’s sire was imported from England.  He traces back to the BIG THREE, renowned Hall Of Fame sires Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow on his maternal granddam’s side through Shandown, Richland and Pocatalico.

Goliath is the sire of 9 Champions and 2 of them have earned their Dual Championships.  Besides the two Duals, his first litter also produced the first Master Hunter and a multiple Group placer.  His second litter produced two dogs with ten or more Gun Dog placements, and the third litter produced several Champions with additional Obedience or JH titles with grandchildren and great grandchildren following this tradition. He appears on both sides of Hall Of Fame OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC’s pedigree.

Goliath died five days before his 16th birthday.  His brilliant legacy lives well beyond his own accomplishments.


Inducted 1996

(Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley x Ch. Truewithem Majestic Triumph) Bred by Dr. Robert F. Parker (HOF) and owned by Marjorie Martorella, “Donna” was an outstanding multiple Group winning daughter of Hall Of Fame Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley.

She is the dam of 29 champions, many of which have distinguished themselves in the Group and Best In Show ring as well as Top Producing Sires and Dams of the breed. Most notable is her Hall Of Fame son, Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim, the All-Time Top Producing Pointer Sire that also won Best In Show at Westminster in 1986.

Donna was the All-Time Top Producing Pointer Dam until 1999 and once named All-Time Top Sporting Dam.  Her superb line-breeding entwines pointer history in the form of TEN Hall Of Fame pointers appearing scores of times throughout her pedigree.  In addition to Ashley, there is Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty, Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Claudia, Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl, Ch. Vilmar’s Lucky, Ch. Mihaski’s Mr. Chipps, Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow.

Donna is the granddam of Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl and appears in the pedigrees of DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX and OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC, all in the Hall Of Fame.

Inducted 1986

(Ch. Ruten’s Continuation x Ch. Scanpoint’s Red Baroness)  A bench champion herself, “Sunny” is the daughter of a Norwegian import sire (who also produced Hall Of Fame DC Scanpoints Touch O’Troll) and an American bred dam tracing back to Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow, all celebrated in the Hall Of Fame.  She was bred by Karin Ashe and owned and trained in obedience by Lynn Deering.

Sunny competed many times in the Gaines Regional Obedience Championships and placed in the Top Ten twice.  Her High-In-Trial record has yet to be matched by another pointer. Sunny worked as a support dog, and was actively involved in therapy work and school visitations.

She has distinguished herself as the first pointer in America to attain the title of Obedience Trial Champion and is possibly the second pointer in the world to hold this title.  She has also earned her Canadian bench championship and Canadian CD.  She spent her retirement lounging around the pool and sleeping in the Florida sunshine.

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Inducted 1990

(Ch. Fire Signs Smackwater Jack x Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph) Bred by Marjorie Martorella, “Deputy” was co-owned by Michael Zollo and Mrs. Alan R. Robson and always handled by Michael.  His name, National Acclaim seemed prophetic when he became the third pointer in history (and the first in 54 years) to win Best In Show at Westminster in 1986.

Deputy carried the bloodlines of the two previous winners, HOF Ch. Governor Moscow 1925 and Ch. Nancolleth Markable 1932. He is strongly (75%) line bred Bryant, beginning with his dam, HOF Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, and her littermate, Ch. Truewithem Abercrombie (Deputy’s grandsire on his sire’s side).

Including his dam, “Donna”, there are ELEVEN Hall of Fame pointers in his pedigree: Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty, Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Claudia, Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl, Ch. Vilmar’s Lucky, Ch. Mihaski’s Mr. Chipps, Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow.  His sire’s dam is outcross bred with famous English and American bloodlines, including Tyler’s Showfield and Crookrise, Richland, Kenmure and Bryant through HOF Ashley.

Deputy is the All- Time Top Producing Pointer Sire with 109 champion get, including top winning Best In Show and Group pointers and several top producing sires and dams in the breed.  He appears on the dam’s side in the fourth generation of Hall of Fame DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX and twice on the sire’s side as 4x-great grandsire in Hall of Fame OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC’s pedigree.

SAMUEL B. SULLIVAN – (1899 – 1999)
Inducted 1992

Samuel Bud Sullivan started the “Finefield” kennel prefix in 1923 naming it after his wife Frances Finefield.  He began with English and Irish setters, but pointers became his real love.  He started with field trial dogs, but in 1931 became interested in bench dogs and finished his first bench champion that year.

Sam finished more than 50 Finefield champions (including the setters).  He was one of the earliest members of the American Pointer Club, always serving in some capacity as an officer or director.  As a member of the Western Pointer Club he penned the Pointer column in Popular Dogs during the 1940’s and 50’s.  During that time he became a catalyst in urging APC’s reactivation. In the late ‘50’s he helped to craft the present Pointer standard.  Sam was chairman of the Hall Of Fame committee and saw it to fruition in 1974.

He bred and/or owned many influential pointers, including Hall Of Fame Ch. Mihaski’s Mr. Chipps, (winner of the first APC Specialty after the Club was reorganized in 1951), HOF Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl, Ch. Finefield’s Fancy Pants, Ch. Finefield Fabian, Ch. Finefield’s Maid Of Mihaski, Ch. Finefield Fleetwood and Ch. Finefield’s Bold Venture.

Besides having the desire to hunt, Sam was a fanatic about his pointers having beautiful heads and shoulders, points in which they excelled.  He judged the inaugural National Sweepstakes in 1971 and was breed judge at the 1973 National.

Inducted 1992

(Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Top Brass x Bryant’s Buckeye Elektra) Bred by Ruth Still and ultimately owned by Bill Metz and handled by Corky Vroom, “Ashley” proved to be one of the greatest show pointers of all time.  He won 19 Bests In Show, 97 Group 1’s and many other Group placements.  He was Kennel Review’s Top Sporting Dog for 1968 and 1969.  He also won two American Pointer Club Specialties, 1965 (from the classes) and 1966.

In 1970 Ashley capped his career by winning the Sporting Group at Westminster (where his Hall Of Fame grandson/great grandson would win Best In Show in 1986).  He made an appearance at the 100th Anniversary Show at Westminster in 1974 at age 13, thrilling the crowd with his movement in that large ring.  The response of the audience was overwhelming – the more they applauded, the more Ashley “turned on”.

He was the sire of 21 champions, including three APC Specialty winners, Ch. Gunhill’s Guy Of Wensleydale (’75), Ch. Waldschloss Thunderbolt, CD (’76) and Ch. Truewithem Abercrombie (’77).  He also sired a Hall Of Fame daughter Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, is double great grandsire to HOF Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl and appears multiple times in the pedigrees of HOF DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH VAX and HOF OTCH MACH3 Longtrail Piece Of My Heart UDX6 MXC MJC.

FIVE Hall Of Fame pointers behind his name are Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl, Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow.

CH. CUMBRIAN BLACK PEARL – (1979 – 1993)
Inducted 1994

(Ch. Marjetta’s Lord Carlton x Ch. Cumbrian Black Lace) Bred by Henri B. Tuthill and ultimately owned by Nat and Gloria Reese and handled by Corky Vroom (who also handled her double great grandsire Hall Of Fame Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley) “Bertha” aka “Bertie”, “Bert” or “Birdie” was the Number One Sporting Dog in America in 1984. She won a total of 22 Bests In Show in her career, which was believed to have broken a Pointer record of 20 set forty-eight years earlier by Ch. Nancolleth Beryl Of Giralda.  She also won 75 Group 1’s, plus 50 other Group placements and 2 Specialties.

She is an outcross breeding with line-bred Bryant through Truewithem on her sire’s side and English Cumbrian and Crookrise on her dam’s side, which traces back in part to Herewithem exports of the late 40’s.  Bertie can claim ELEVEN Hall Of Fame pointers throughout her pedigree including her granddam Ch. Truewithem A Taste of Triumph, Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty, Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Bryant’s Buckeye Claudia, Ch. Finefield’s Cover Girl, Ch. Vilmar’s Lucky, Ch. Mihaski’s Mr. Chipps, Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow.

ROBERT F. PARKER, D.V.M. (1934 – 1987)
Inducted 1995

Bob was a dedicated student of the breed and its genetics.  He felt the ideal pointer could not be described – it must be beheld.  He got his start in pointers with a pup given to him by Ruth Williams in 1952 (for helping at the Garden) and joined the American Pointer Club in 1960 if not earlier.

He served as 2nd Vice-President in 1968, President in 1975, ’76 and ’77, then as a Director in 1978 and ’79.  Dr. Parker next served as APC’s AKC Delegate from 1980 through 1982 and again in 1987 (but had to resign with deep regret due to health reasons).

His kennel prefix “Truewithem” is famous for its consistency in type, a judicious blend of Bryant, Elstone and Bukany bloodlines all going back to the Hall Of Fame BIG THREE (Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow).  His prefix became prominent in 1969 and throughout the ‘70’s and 80’s.  It is now in the background of so many present day pedigrees because he chose to breed to (HOF) Enos Phillips’ excellent Hall Of Fame Ch. Maryjay’s Majesty with Truewithem Patrician, producing Ch. Truewithem Majestic Triumph.

He then bred “Trump” to Bryant son and HOF Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, which produced Ch. Truewithem Abercrombie, a Best In Show and 1977 APC Specialty winner and Hall Of Fame Ch. Truewithem A Taste Of Triumph, dam of 29 champions. They in turn contributed as dam and grandsire of the all time top-producing pointer sire HOF Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim.

JANELLA B. (MRS FLOYD B.) EVANS (1906 – 1995)
Inducted 1997

Mrs. Evans was a powerful name in the Pointer world in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.  She bred, owned and imported some of the top winning and producing pointers of that era.  The most noteworthy was Ch. Crookrise Danny Of Muick with multiple Bests In Show, Group 1 at Westminster 1964 and Top Sporting Dog in 1964.  His picture is still used in the AKC’s “The Complete Dog Book” as the standard Pointer.

Other notable BIS pointers Janella owned and exhibited were Ch. Crookrise Breeze and Ch. Richland’s Herewith Startler II, all handled by Harry Sangster and his assistant, Corky Vroom.  Her “Tyler’s Showfield” home breds were equally impressive, Ch. Tyler’s Showfield Sugar whelped in 1956 won many Best In Shows and lived to the age of 18 years!

Ch. Tyler’s Showfield Aubrey (a “Breeze” son) is the sire on which the Humble Acre line was founded, and the impact of which can be seen today in any line that carries Sydmar or HOF “Deputy”.  He is also the sire of Connie Taylor’s foundation bitch, Ch. Point Blank Sundial Of Lor.

Another of Janella’s pointers deserving mention is Ch. Crookrise Link, who can be traced through the kennel of Cumbrian.  Link’s son, Ch. Crookrise Enoch was the sire of 66 champions.

Mrs. Evans was one of the founding members of the Pointer Club of Southern California with the first meeting being held at her home in Pasadena in 1969.  She was an APC member for many years.

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LEON C. SHIVER – (1909 – 2006)
Inducted 2005

His first memories of pointers were pups given to his father when he was about three years old.  He grew up with one of them and learned to hunt quail with his grandfather by age six.  In 1934 Leon was hired to manage, train and handle sporting and hound breeds at what later became the famous Wyecott Plantation in Barbour County, Alabama.  He had great success at shows and field trials during that time, while also producing top winning Tennessee Walking Horses.

Shan left Wyecott after the owner died in 1956, and later enjoyed a busy 15-year career with the Jim Dandy Company until his retirement in 1975.  His interest in conformation pointers was piqued when he saw Ch. Richland’s Herewith Startler II at a show in 1965. The rest is history. Beginning in 1966 with foundation stock from Frank and Mary Richmond’s Richland Kennels, Leon and his wife, Shan, built their pointer dynasty, “Shandown”.  Besides looking good, Leon required his pointers to be good hunting companions, objectives not mutually exclusive in his view.

Over 25 years, there were 233 Champions; six Shandown dogs garnered 22 Bests In Show between them – three (Ch. Shandown’s Touch O’Kings, Ch. Shandown’s Celebration, Ch. Shandown’s King O’The Road) going BIS in different parts of the country at the same time in 1971.  They also finished 1, 2 and 3 respectively in the APC Top Ten that year.

Shandown stars still on the all-time top producers list are: Ch. Shandown King’s Ransom, sire of 38 Champions, Shandown’s Sun Dance, dam of 13 Ch’s, and Ch. Richland’s Merrie Rou following with 12.

Another interest Leon relished was judging at field trials – his first was in 1933 and last in 1993, one of very few people experiencing sixty years in the judicial saddle. Fittingly, the field trial community honored this remarkable man with a Life-Time Memorial Patron Membership at the National Bird Dog Foundation in Grand Junction, Tennessee in 1994.

Inducted 2005

(Woodspoint Covey MH x Scanpoint Checker Decker JH) Bred by Jeffrey C. Woods, this gifted black and white bitch brought distinction to herself and the pointer breed with her exceptional achievements in a variety of venues.  Owned by Cathleen A. Davidson, “Remi” was shown to her conformation championship in 1994.

As a field dog, all ten of her field points were earned in Gun Dog stakes.  She had over 30 field trial placements and was the APC’s #1 Gun Dog in 1998 with top five rankings in the three previous years and again in 1999. Remi’s owner trained and handled her to her Senior Hunter title before the age of eighteen months and then to her Master Hunter title in 1997.  She also achieved the NAVHDA Natural Ability title.

To further demonstrate her versatility, Remi attained her CD in Obedience in three straight trials in 1998.  She is the first Versatility Award Excellent in the breed, and has produced a VAX as well.

Her pedigree features a MH sire who is the product of Swedish imports; her dam’s Scanpoint bloodlines trace back four generations to Ch. Ruten’s Continuation, Norwegian import sire of two Hall Of Fame pointers (DC Scanpoints Touch O’Troll and Ch/OTCH Scanpoint’s Sunrise Serenade). Also four generations back on her dam’s side is Hall Of Fame Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim with his HOF dam, Ch. Truewithem A Taste of Triumph and the TEN Hall Of Fame pointers behind her.

Remi produced four Champions, one becoming the only Dual Champion to be produced by a Dual Champion bitch.

Inducted 2007

(Ch. Pipeaway The Ruthless Rake x Ch. Sydmar Crystalline)  “Blair’s” sire was a dashing black and white Group placing English import who became an APC Top Producer with 27 American Champions.  Her dam, also Group placing, was the result of judicious inbreeding on an outcross to famous English and American bloodlines tracing back to SIX Hall Of Fame luminaries: Ch. Counterpoint’s Lord Ashley, Ch. Shelbark’s Twenty Carats, Ch. Finefields Cover Girl, Ch. Elstone Citadel, Ch. Drumgannon Dreadnought and Ch. Governor Moscow. 

Orange and white like her dam, “Blair” was shown to her championship by her breeder-owner, Paula Nykiel and to Best In Sweepstakes and Best Bred By Exhibitor at the 1990 APC National Specialty.  Through collaboration with Sally Barton, Blair moved to Coralwood to be bred to Ch. Sydmar Coralwoods Grand Slam on a co-ownership basis. After the litter was whelped in 1993, as mutually agreed, she became Sally’s outright.

The breeding to “Mickey” was so successful that it was twice repeated, resulting in 22 of her 31 champions (the other nine by English import Ch. Pipeaway Billy Bingo). With Champion #30 in 1999, Blair became APC’s new All-Time Top Producing Pointer Dam, now totaling 31 Champions from four litters, all breeder or owner handled. Numerous sons and daughters have won top honors at shows and specialties and several have become top producers themselves.

Not to be outdone by her illustrious offspring, Blair won the 1998 APC Best Veteran Bitch and Best Brood Bitch at the same time her son x Mickey was winning the National Specialty.  In 1999 (at age 10), she won APC Best Veteran in Sweepstakes and Best Brood Bitch while her daughter x Billy was winning BOS at the same National.

Sally credits her mother, and dog mentor, Ruth Barton with much of Blair’s well-being and success, as she resided with her (when she wasn’t in the whelping box) and lived the life of luxury that she so deserved.  Blair was named Top Sporting Dam by Dog World in April 2008.

Inducted 2013

(Longtrail MacIsaac x Ch. Blackthorne Caneel)   Called “Chamber” because of the perfect heart design on her left side, this willing and talented black and white bitch burst onto the Pointer performance scene at the 2000 APC National Specialty.  It was her first Obedience Trial and she won the Novice B Class and High In Trial with a score of 198.5. She competed at three other Nationals and won HIT each time.

Bred by Mary Beerworth and owned, loved and trained by Julie Hill, Chamber embarked on a stellar career of history-making firsts and accomplishments in both obedience and agility.  She became the second Obedience Trial Champion in the breed (first went to Hall of Fame Ch/OTCH Scanpoint’s Sunrise Serenade).

Chamber is one of only three Pointers to earn a Utility Dog Excellent title and is the only one to go beyond with a UDX2, UDX3, UDX4, UDX5 and UDX6. Overall she earned more than 800 OTCH points and 69 UDX legs. She had one score of 200 and 16 scores of 199 or better; 32 Highest Combined Scores (in Open B and Utility) and won 47 High In Trials.

Within the APC, Chamber was the #1 Overall Obedience Pointer from 2001-2006; #1 Utility Pointer from 2003-2006; #1 Open Pointer from 2002-2006 and the #1 Novice Pointer in 2001.

In the realm of agility she was a pioneer by becoming the first Pointer to earn the Master Agility Champion (MACH) title and then achieved a MACH2 and MACH3.  Along the way, she was the first Novice Agility Jumper (NAJ), Excellent Agility Jumper (AXJ), and Master Excellent Jumpers with Weaves (MXJ) titled Pointer as well, garnering 69 Double Qs and 2,412 MACH points.

She was APC’s Top Agility Pointer and #1 Excellent Pointer in 2001, 2002 and 2005. In 2001 she won the “Ultimate Dog” award at the All Star Performance Dog Association Obedience and Agility Tournament for having lost the fewest combined points In agility and obedience.

On the national scene, Chamber qualified for AKC’s National Obedience Invitational from 2003-2006 and was #15 in the country in All Breed OTCH points in 2006 (the only year she was actively campaigned in obedience); qualified for AKC’s Agility Nationals from 2001-2006 and was invited to AKC’s inaugural Agility Invitational in ’06, her final year of competition.  Chamber retired at the top of her game.

Her pedigree traces to Hall of Fame DC Scanpoint Touch O’Troll on both sides and Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim and the ELEVEN Hall of Fame pointers behind him on her sire’s side.

KAREN BLASCHE – (1944 -2019)
Inducted 2019

 Karen Blasche was an Ambassador extraordinaire of the American Pointer Club.  Her talents were many and she shared all of them with the members and friends of the APC.  Over the years she served multiple terms as APC Secretary, Board Member and over 3 decades as APC Historian and Statistician.   Her greatest contribution to the club was her design of the APC logo which is the signature of the club today.

Her love of Pointers propelled her enthusiasm in researching the history of The Pointer in print, art, pedigrees, show and field records and observing them in the ring. Without her energy and talents compiling, recording and collecting our history our club history would be lost.  Not only did she compiled it, she purchased it for her collection and shared it with us.

She shared her work by attending our National Specialties so our members could take advantage of viewing  and learning from her research with her many picture albums of past specialty winners.

KAREN  is every bit as important to the AMERICAN POINTER CLUB’S  History as a breeder, owner,  record breaking dog and title holder.