American Pointer Club


When the American Kennel Club was formed in 1884 to hold bench shows, many of the Pointer breeders and owners were avid sportsmen who enjoyed days afield hunting with their dogs, and later some would also become enthusiastic participants in field trials. AKC did not sanction Field Trials for Pointing Breeds (then Pointers and Setters only) until 1924, while the American Field had been holding them since the late 1880s. Since 1924, it took 60 years for a Pointer to become a Champion in both AKC field and show. It took 34 years before there was a Pointer that achieved the title of Dual Champion.


#1   1984   DC Scanpoint’s Touch O’Troll
Owner: Jamie O’Donnell    Breeder: Karin Ashe & Pat O’Donnell


#2   1989   DC AFC Scanpoint’s MacKenzie(D)
Owner: Steve & Karin Ashe   Breeder: John Stran

#3   1991 DC Kinnike Blackthorne (D)
Owners: Debra Freidus DVM & Kinnike Kennels   Breeder:  Kinnike Kennels

#4   1993 DC AFC Kinnike Wythelde SH (B)
Owner: Kinnike Kennels & John Bandes Breeder: Kinnike Kennels

#5   1998   DC Kinnike Hedda JH (B)
Owner: Kinnike Kennels & G Heidenreich   Breeder: Kinnike Kennels

#6   1999   DC Kinnike Simon JH (D)
Owner/ Breeder: Kinnike Kennels

#7   1999   DC Woodspoint Remington CD MH (B)
Owner: Cathy Davidson     Breeder: Jeff Woods

#8   2001   DC Blackthorne Remington Isis JH CD (B)
Owner: Debra Freidus DVM   Breeder: Cathy Davidson

#9   2006   DC AFC Kinnike Stewart CD (B) & National Specialty Winner
Owner: Kinnike Kennels & Tuija Verho   Breeder:  Kinnike Kennels & Tuija Verho

#10   2009   DC Heller’s Fiddlin’ Jack (B)
Owner: David Heller

#11   2010   DC Remington Grand Teton Ranger SH (D)
Owner: Judy Bryant Vilwock

# 12   2015   DC AFC Cookieland Blackthorme Clouseau MH (B)
Owner: Debra Freidus DVM   Breeder: Cheryl & Rich Buchanan

#13   2016   DC Paladen’s No More Mr. Nice Guy JH CD (D)
Owner: Art & Ginnie Kahn   Breeder: Art & Ginnie Kahn & Karen Detterich

#14   2016   DC AFC Cookieland I Spy Blackthorne  (D)
Owner:  Debra Freidus DVM   Breeder:  Cheryl & Rich Buchanan

#15   2019    DC JJJ Kinnike Gibbs JH (D)
Owner:  June Johnston & Kinnike Kennels   Breeder:  June & Johnny Johnston

#16   2024   DC BISS GCH Blackthorne N Tahari Luna Eclipse at Broadway JH
Owner: Peggy Kucipak Albee, John Albee, Debra Freidus, Frank DePaulo
Breeder: Debra Freidus