Events & Awards

Working to Perfect the Beauty & Natural Abilities of the Breed

APC Supports Pointers in AKC Competition

Pointer owners and breeders work hard to improve the breed, and AKC competition provides a chance to benchmark progress in specific areas.  APC supports and encourages participation in AKC events.   The Club hosts national events to gather the best Pointers from across the country.  APC supports regional clubs as they host events in a more concentrated location for Pointers. The Club also offers annual recognition programs for breeder and exhibitor achievements.

We encourage all Pointer owners to get involved in AKC events to set their own goals for activities with their dogs.  Participation in APC and regional club events is a great way to meet other Pointer enthusiasts who share a passion for this great breed.

National Specialty

The Largest Gathering of Pointers in North America
Conformation, Field Events, Jr. Showmanship, Obedience, Rally & Agility

The best Pointers and top Pointer breeders come together each spring from all corners of the country, and many parts of the world.  Days are filled with competition in a full spectrum of activities.  Evenings offer educational and social activities.

Conformation competition includes Sweepstakes (Puppy and Veteran), Futurity, Maturity, 4 – 6 month Puppy, Regular classes, and a range of non-regular classes.  Junior Showmanship classes for juniors showing a Pointer are also included.

Also part of this week of Pointer activities are field events, obedience, rally, and agility.  The National Specialty is the best place to see the many facets of the breed and connect with other Pointer-passionate people.

National Championship

See the “cream of the crop” of Pointers competing in AKC field trials, all vying to become the next National Field Champion or National Amateur Field Champion at the APC National Championship.  This prestigious event is held each fall and rotates between locations in the western and eastern United States.  This riding field trial is open to all AKC registered Pointers, six months of age or older, with classes for youngsters up through the most seasoned field trial dogs.

The National Field Trial Standing Committee is charged with determination of date and location, running the trial, judge selection, and budgeting for the event.

The Classic

The Eastern and Western Open Gun Dog Classic is to be held in the Spring as either an independent event or in conjunction with a local Pointer Club all breed field trial.

The location of the trial should rotate. The Eastern or Western Classic is held each year in the region that is NOT hosting that year’s National Championship. The East and West Regions are defined as East or West of the Mississippi.

Regional Specialties & Supported Entry Shows

Regional specialty shows are hosted by regional Pointer Clubs around the United States, sometimes in conjunction with an all-breed show, sometimes as standalone events.  These shows enjoy larger than average entries of Pointers and draw entries from a wider geographic area than local shows.  Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes classes are often offered.   Look for specialties hosted by Regional clubs on the east and west coasts, and in Ohio, each year.

APC will support the entries of all-breed shows throughout the country with a plaque for Best of Winners.  Find supported entry shows on the Events page of the APC website and in the APC newsletter.  Sweepstakes (Puppy and/or Veteran) may be held at these shows. Clubs or groups of members can request support for shows in their area by submitting an application to APC’s Event Coordinator at least 6 months prior to the show.

Regional Club Field Trials & Hunt Tests

One important way APC works to improve and perfect the natural abilities of the Pointer is by encouraging and supporting field trials held with the National Specialty and by regional Pointer clubs.  These trials are a great way to get started in this exciting sport.

A Pointer-only field trial is usually held in conjunction with the National Specialty.  This walking field trial is held the day before or after the National Specialty Hunt Test.

In addition, our regional Pointer clubs host field trials (both riding and walking) throughout the year. Be sure to check the events page for upcoming dates.  Even if you aren’t ready to participate, it still is enjoyable to watch our Pointers enjoying their favorite activity.

Local Pointer Clubs also have hunt tests throughout the year, and a hunt test is usually held in conjunction with the National Specialty, the day before or after the field trial.

Check the Events page for details.

Statistics, Rankings, & Annual Awards

APC recognizes all member-owned dogs who earn AKC titles as well as top Pointers in show, field, obedience, rally, and agility competition. An awards plaque can be purchased for each member-owned dog who earns an AKC title in field trial competition and hunt tests.  See Plaque application for details.