To The Point

A monthly e-newsletter available to all members, To The Point highlights the most time-sensitive current Club news and business, reports upcoming National and Regional club events and results, and includes articles of interest such as introducing APC Hall of Fame members or emerging health topics.

Pointer Points

Two editions a year will be available after the Annual National Specialty and Annual National Championship. Pointer Points  will include results, critiques and photos along with articles of interest. You may view it here as a PDF.

AKC Gazette Articles

Once a Quarter, within the Sporting Dog section, APC has the opportunity to submit a column to be included in the AKC Gazette on the Pointer. Past topics have been broad – from what to look for in a Pointer in the show ring, to articles on the Pointer’s versatility in various dog sports.

APC Pictorial

                                                     Past Pictorials are available in our “Store”

A great look back in time is the APC Pictorial. The publication from 2000 – 2011 gives a snapshot of the breed.  The Pictorial contains photos, pedigrees, and accomplishments of dogs from all over the country, competing across the spectrum of canine sports, the Pictorial is an invaluable tool for breeders and a delight to peruse for history buffs.