Pointer Library

The Pointer As a Show Dog – Lola Macdonald Daly, 1939, Manchester

The Dogs Of The British Islands– J.H. Walsh, 1882

The Pointer and His Predecessors
                                             William Arkwright

The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage
                                                  W. Enos Phillips

The Most Renowned Bird Dog In The World
                                                        U.R. Fishel Sr

Pointer and Setter– Georg Keller

The Modern Pointer– A.F. Hochwalt

The Cream of Pointerdom 1900 through 1945
V.E. Willoughby

National Field Trial Champions– William F Brown
                and Nash Buckingham, 1955, Pennsylvania

Wing and Shot– Robert G Wehle

The Judy Story, The Dog with Six Lives– E. Varley

Pointers and Setters– W. Marr

The Pointer– Kitty Edmondson and Cicely Robertshaw

Pointer Champions 1889-1980– Jan Linzy Pata

Pointer Champions 1981-1986

The Pointer– John G. Laytham

Pointers Past and Present
                              Cicely Robertshaw

The Inheritance of Coat Color in Pointers
Wayne Cavanaugh

IL Pointer– Giuseppe Solaro