Pointers In the Show Ring

A ring full of Pointers is a sight to behold, their elegance, athleticism and beauty on full display.  Dog shows are a place where Pointer enthusiasts gather to compare dogs, share breed knowledge, and just enjoy the company of others who appreciate these wonderful dogs.

Fun Matches are a great place to start:

Fun matches are simply practice shows.  Competition is structured similar to all-breed shows. Matches are a great way for beginner dogs and owners to mimic the environment of a show ring while building experience in a casual environment. Clubs offer fun matches as stand alone events as well as at showsites.  Visit AKC website to find a club and contact near you.

Local All Breed Shows

All-Breed shows are a great place to meet Pointer breeders located near you and learn about the sport of showing dogs.  It is also a great place to inquire about the availability of show training and handling classes.  Many clubs offer new exhibitor orientations to help get started out and learn how to navigate a dog show. Entries vary widely from one show to the next.

Regional Specialties

Regional specialty shows are hosted by regional Pointer Clubs around the United States, sometimes in conjunction with an all-breed show, sometimes as standalone events.  These shows enjoy better than average entries of Pointers and draw entries from a wider geographic area than local shows.  Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes classes are typically offered.   Regional Pointer clubs on the east and west coasts, and in Ohio, typically host specialties each year.

Regional Specialties are a great place for a breed newcomer who may be interested in showing to connect with experienced breeder-exhibitors near them.  Most breeders are happy to mentor those new to the sport in the finer points of showing a Pointer and interpreting the breed standard.

Showcasing the Breed:  National Specialty

The best Pointers and top Pointer breeders come together each spring from all corners of the country, and many parts of the world.  Days are filled with competition in a full spectrum of activities, and evenings offer educational and social activities.

Up-and-coming youngsters can get in the ring several times with Sweepstakes, Futurity, and Maturity classes, giving owners multiple opinions from judges who are especially knowledgeable about the breed.   On the other end of the age spectrum, veterans have multiple chances to take another trip around a show ring in Veteran Sweepstakes and non-regular Veterans classes.

Junior Showmanship classes give young breed fanciers a chance to display their special expertise in presenting the breed.  Regular conformation classes typically take 2-3 days to complete, culminating in selection of Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex on the final day.

APC typically hosts field events, obedience, rally, and agility in conjunction with the National Specialty.  The National is, quite simply, the best place to see the many facets of the versatile breed.

Futurity/Maturity Competition

Futurity and Maturity classes shine a special spotlight on up-and-coming youngsters at the National Specialty. Competition rules ensure nominated youngsters between 6 and 18 months of age as of April 1st will have a chance to compete, regardless of National Specialty dates.

Classes are open to all fully nominated dogs bred by an APC member, regardless of owner membership in the American Pointer Club.  A series of nominations starting before the litter is born and leading up to the national keep individual dogs eligible to compete at the National Specialty.  Nomination and entry fees are pooled with 75% awarded to owners and/or breeders of winning and placing dogs.

Maturity classes are for dogs who were fully nominated and eligible for futurity classes the prior year, and subsequently nominated for Maturity.

Want to know if your dog is Futurity nominated?  Ask the breeder and they can guide you through the process of showing your Pointer in a Futurity or Maturity.

Top Show Pointers

The American Pointer club recognizes the top member-owned show dogs in AKC competition each year with plaques or certificates presented at the banquet at the National Specialty for the previous year in the following categories:

Top Ten Group Pointers based on points for Group placements, one point for each dog defeated.  Points are only awarded for BOB wins when a group placement is also earned at that show.

Top Ten Breed Pointers based on Best of Breed wins, earning one point for each dog defeated.

Top Ten Owner-Handled Pointers based on the AKC National Owner-Handled Series ranking system.