In Companion Events

Intelligent, athletic, and eager to please.  Pointers are a breed that thrives in training for a variety of canine sports because they want nothing more than to make their owners happy.  The more time you put into your Pointer, the more you will get out of your relationship with your partner and best friend.


Pointers are a very versatile breed, willing and athletic, making agility a great avenue for fun and training with your Pointer.  Agility training is a great way to build teamwork with your dog working at a distance from you.  You work as a team to negotiate a timed course taking obstacles such as an A-Frame, Teeter, Weaves, Tunnels and Jumps placed around the ring. Pointers can be blazing fast and can earn advanced titles easily with proper training.  And another benefit is that you get good exercise too!

APC has an agility trial as part of the National Specialty each year and local all-breed clubs offer agility trials throughout the year, both indoors and out.  Check the APC event page and with AKC to find a trial near you.


Obedience develops well-mannered Pointers that are a pleasure to live with.  Training your Pointer in a positive and consistent way creates a wonderful bond and true companion.  AKC obedience trials provide a way to set goals for mastering important skills, show off your trained Pointer and earn some titles too.

Pointers may not be the obedience dogs for everyone because of their exuberant hunting temperament, they can and do make fine obedience dogs. With the proper training and handling, a pointer knows no equal in the obedience ring. This is a true test of the versatility of the breed.

An Obedience Trial is part of APC National Specialty events each year.  Local all-breed clubs and obedience clubs hold trials throughout the year for you to participate in too.


AKC states that “Emphasis is on fun and excitement for the dog and handler, and the spectator, by providing a more “natural” approach to the performance”. And since Pointers are fun loving dogs, Pointers are a natural for Rally trials!

Each team of Pointer and handler are judged on the performance of a single, continuous course made up of numbered signs.  Each sign prompts the team to perform a specific exercise without orders from a judge.  The exercises are not judged as formally as obedience exercises and you can talk to your dog to help them along the winding path.  Pointers can excel in Rally and many exhibitors use Rally as a stepping stone to Obedience trials or come back to it with an older Pointer just for fun.


Pointers have incredible noses!  They have developed keen scenting abilities which is evidenced by their work in the field and can easily be trained for tracking and scent work .  Since the dog’s sense of smell is so much greater than ours, these are activities where our Pointers are the “boss” and show us the right answers!

Tracking is considered a Companion Event under AKC rules and in tracking the dog follows a specific track which dependent on the level can be from a simple “L” shape to a much more elaborate path.  The handler must learn to trust and read their dog’s behavior to know the dog is still “on the scent”.  Judging is based on the work ethic of the dog and its ability to follow the track as it was “laid”.   The successful Pointer navigating the track will find a reward at the end such as a glove or piece of leather with the track layer’s scent.  Tracking dogs at high levels are used in search and rescue of humans and even other dogs!

Top Pointers in Companion Events

The APC honors the top Pointers in Agility, Obedience, and Rally competition annually based on their achievement in AKC competition for the year.  Member-owned dogs achieving annual rankings or titles are recognized with plaques and/or certificates at the annual awards banquet held in conjunction with the APC National Specialty.