Pointer Points Magazine

POINTER POINTS magazine is distributed to all American Pointer Club members and subscribers.

Managing Editor:
Theresa Lyons
E-mail: pointerpointseditor@gmail.com


Archived Issues:

Fall 2012
Winter 2013

Advertising copy, design and artwork information:

Document size and Trim size: 8.5 x 11 inches
DPI: 400-600
Color: CMYK
For Bleeds add an additional 1/4th inch to document size all around (8.5 ” to 11 ”)  
Cover photos at 400-600 dpi or higher.
Photos, Art and Logos must be scanned at 400-600 dpi or higher for either black/white (sent as GRAYSCALE) or color.
All Photos, Art and Logos must be saved as TIF’s or JPEG’s.
Ads can be designed either by Pointer Points staff or sent in already designed.  There is no additional charge at this time. Members will receive a proof of the ad prior to publishing. There is NO additional charge for extra photos. Camera ready digital files can be sent in PDF or JPEG formats.  Please note that the Pointer Points editors are NOT responsible for camera ready ads that are sent electronically without proper resolution.
It is the member’s responsibility to ensure electronically-submitted photos(s) are at the proper resolution as stated above.  Member should include both the name of the dog and the name of the owner. Editors are unable to make ANY changes to ads sent as PDF files. 
Pointer Points editors are NOT responsible for any typographical errors on ads that are camera ready.
Original photos (color or b/w) can be sent and will be scanned and imported into your ad if requested.  Editors cannot accept color copies of original photos, as these will not provide good quality reproductions.  If a member sends original photographs; each photo is to be marked with the name and address of the person the photos are to be returned to as well as the names of the dog and owner. That way, photos will be returned without delay. Also, properly marked photos will ensure they are properly placed in the ad, especially when there are more than one.
Mail all ads in either a photograph envelope (available at all retail stores) or with cardboard protecting them. Also, editors request members submit a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your photos.  Editors are unable at this time to include them within the actual mailing of the magazine.  The copy for any ad should be provided in a typed format either in the body of an email or attached as a text document if sent electronically. (A hard copy printout will also be accepted).  Copy should include all information, such as the dog’s registered name, call name, sire and dam, owners, breeders, handlers, addresses, phone numbers and email, the name of the judge(s) pictured in the ad and information about dog’s accomplishments. Any special instructions concerning the look or style of the ad should also be included if desired.
Targeted Submission Schedule:

National Specialty issue.   
                Deadlines – Articles including Specialty Articles – April 20th
                                 Advertising deadline – May 1

Companion and Performance Issue/ Stud Dog Section
Deadlines –  Article Deadline - October 15
                                  Advertising Deadline- November 1

Payments and mailing information:

All ads must be accompanied by payment in full in US funds. Checks must be made payable to APC and sent directly to the APC Treasurer.  Members can also use PayPal to make payments.  There is a $3.00 charge per $100 for this service.  Any ads received without payment or with checks improperly made out will be returned. Payment for e-mailed ads is expected the day of that issues deadline, or the ad will be pulled from that edition. Please note that production time for Pointer Points will allow for less wait time due to changes in the development and design of the magazine, therefore editors cannot hold up production waiting for material.
The mailing list for Pointer Points Magazine is generated from the Membership List online database.  Information will be updated by the member on APC's MEMBERS ONLY page.  It is also recommended member send a notice of address change to the APC Treasurer and to the Membership Chairperson.
Extra copies:
$7.50 Advertisers extra copy
$40.00/subscription non-members
$65.00 US for foreign subscriptions
   Contact editors for cost for additional issues
   Price subject to change for postage


   Advertising Rates (currency in $$$)


Member Rates

Non Member Rates

Commercial Rates

Front Cover - Color




Back Cover - Color




Inside Front Cover - Color

$250.00 $300.00 $325.00

Inside Back Cover - Color

$225.00 $275.00 $325.00

Center Spread (includes both pages) Color Only

$400.00 $500.00


Single Page Color

$175.00 $225.00


Two Page Spread (not the center spread) - Full Color

$300.00 $350.00 N/A

Half Page Color

$90.00 $100.00 $110.00

1/4 Page Color

$50.00 $60.00 $70.00

Full Page B/W

$65.00 $75.00 $85.00

Half Page B/W

$35.00 $45.00 $50.00

 1/4 page B/W/Stud Dog Issue

$25.00 $30.00 N/A

Brag Box

$5.00 $6.25 $7.50

Business card per issue




APC Website Listing per year




** All prices are in US dollars
** Full color ads are based on selling them in sets of 4, otherwise only b/w will be available. 
** All submitted ads are to be typed and formatted by the advertiser unless they wish for the printer to design and format their ad. Additional charges for this service will be the responsibility of the advertiser.
** A 10% discount will be offered to advertisers purchasing 4 full page ads. Ads need not to be in the same issue but must be prepaid in order to receive the discount
Please note:  EACH Spring issue that is sent out to all AKC Licensed Judges for Pointers; all rates double.
**  There is NO extra charge for additional pictures
**  Preference will be given for COLOR ads for: Inside front and back covers, back cover and center spread pages


Marva Petrequin, Treasurer
1628 North Temperance Avenue
Fresno, CA 93727
(559) 970-8537

Paul Wessberg, VP & Membership Chairperson
4485 North Lake Dr
Sarasota, FL 34232
(941) 320-1863


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