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Judge's Education

A Judge's Seminar with hands on evaluation and ringside mentoring will be held at all our National Specialties.  For more information, please contact the Judge's Education Chairman, Susan Bleckley at susanbleckley@gmail.com
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The following are APC approved mentors and can be contacted for ringside mentoring or kennel visits:

2016 American Pointer Club Approved Breed Mentors

Lucy Goodman (J)           Arizona             pointerlpg@aol.com
Susan Bleckley  (C)          California         susanbleckley@gmail.com
Karen Detterich              California          paladen1@earthlink.net
Geri Griffin                    California          gerisdogs@att.net
Helayne Parker               California          oreillepointers@msn.com
Debra Freidus                 Connecticut       blackthornpt@earthlink.net
Karin Ashe (J)                 Florida              kashe4@cfl.rr.com  
Paul Wessburg                Florida              sportofdogs@gmail.com
Susan Thompson             Georgia            soliviakennels@aol.com
Sally Barton                    Indiana             coralwood@verizon.net
Lee Ann Stagg                Louisiana          ppoint97@aol.com
Henri Tuthill (J)              Maryland           cumbrian@myactv.net  
Helyne  Medeiros            Massachusetts   seasydehm@aol.com
Dan Smith                      Michigan           majestypointers@hotmail.com
Valerie Stern                  Michigan           valerie.stern@sbcglobal.net
Paula Nykiel       (J)        Missouri            nykiel@usmo.com
Marjorie Martorella (J)   New Jersey        marjetta@optonline.net
Karen Spey                    New Jersey        karenspey@hughes.net
Patricia Dart                 Oregon              dartranch@wildblue.net
Frank DePaulo (J)          Pennsylvania     fdepaulo@aol.com
Kathy Parks                   Pennsylvania     troonsbirdie3@verizon.net
Erica Bandes                 Virginia             kinnike@patriot.net
Patty Lillesand              Wisconsin          patty@pandelpointers.com

(C) = Chair
(J) = Judge



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2019 APC National Specialty
April 28 - May 3, 2019
Bethlehem, PA

2020 APC National Specialty
April 26 - May 1, 2020
Bethlehem, PA

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