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Most Pointer breeders and owners will tell you that Pointers do not like to consider themselves dogs, but rather one of the family.

From the hard working field dog to the pampered show dog, all Pointers enjoy being part of the family as well as enjoying all of the comforts home life has to offer. They are good with children and love to play with them all day long. Pointers are also excellent watchdogs as they are very protective of their domain and will at the very least sound an alarm at anything out of the ordinary that they hear or see.

Because a Pointer is fun-loving and mischievous by nature, from puppyhood on, a sense of what is right and wrong must be instilled in your Pointer. Bad habits can be avoided from the very beginning by proper supervision and ongoing training. A properly constructed outside exercise area will aid in keeping the dog out of mischief with the neighbors. A special area in the home set aside for the Pointer when company comes to visit will also help your Pointer from making a breach of good conduct.

If a Pointer is to be a house pet, it is highly recommended that it be given some sort of obedience training. It is wise to enroll a six-month old puppy in a local obedience class. Not only will the puppy learn to mind its manners, but it will learn proper socialization as well. This training will help to develop your Pointer's manners for the enjoyable years ahead as a true "member of the family" dog.



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