LEON C. SHIVER –  (12/18/1909 – 9/19/2006) – His first memories of pointers were pups given to his father when he was about three years old.  He grew up with one of them and learned to hunt quail with his grandfather by age six.  In 1934 Leon was hired to manage, train and handle sporting and hound breeds at what later became the famous Wyecott Plantation in Barbour County, Alabama.  He had great success at shows and field trials during that time, while also producing top winning Tennessee Walking Horses.  He left Wyecott after the owner died in 1956, and later enjoyed a busy 15-year career with the Jim Dandy Company until his retirement in 1975.  His interest in conformation pointers was piqued when he saw Ch. Richland’s Herewith Startler II at a show in 1965. The rest is history. Beginning in 1966 with foundation stock from Frank and Mary Richmond’s Richland Kennels, Leon and his wife, Shan, built their pointer dynasty, “Shandown”.  Besides looking good, Leon required his pointers to be good hunting companions, objectives not mutually exclusive in his view.  Over 25 years, there were 233 Champions; six Shandown dogs garnered 22 Best In Shows between them - three (Ch. Shandown’s Touch O’Kings, Ch. Shandown’s Celebration, Ch. Shandown’s King O’The Road) going BIS in different parts of the country at the same time in 1971.  They also finished 1, 2 and 3 respectively in the APC Top Ten that year. Shandown stars still on the all-time top producers list are: Ch. Shandown King’s Ransom, sire of 38 Champions, Shandown’s Sun Dance, dam of 13 Ch’s, and Ch. Richland’s Merrie Rou following with 12. Another interest Leon relished was judging at field trials - his first was in 1933 and last in 1993, one of very few people experiencing sixty years in the judicial saddle. Fittingly, the field trial community honored this remarkable man with a Life-Time Memorial Patron Membership at the National Bird Dog Foundation in Grand Junction, Tennessee in 1994.


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