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The Pointer has long been considered the "Cadillac" of bird dogs. He has been used to find birds for his owner's table before there were guns to shoot them. At one time nets were used to throw over the dog and birds, since that was the only way to catch them. After the emergence of guns, the Pointer was still used to find game. It was taught to "stand tall" and "steady to wing and shot" so that the gunner could get a clear shot and the retrievers could be sent to fetch the birds.

Today, the pointer is used for personal hunting and retrieving. He is expected to hunt to his master's voice, and not on his own. He is also expected to retrieve kindly to hand.

Pointers are used extensively in Field Trials, and historically have always been the top winning breed in modern day records. The field trial Pointer is not always the "hard-headed running machine" that we hear so much about. Most field trial Pointers are very biddable, personable dogs that have one thing on their mind when let loose in hunting terrain, and that is to find birds. Because of this, they tend to run hard, fast, and cover as much ground as possible to accomplish their aim. As the Field Trial Pointer may be a considerable distance from the handler at the time of the bird-find, he must also be trainable, so that he will "stand" his bird until the handler arrives.

Because the Pointer has been bred for many generations to be a biddable, birdy, gun dog, the chances of a puppy becoming "your" personal hunting companion is great. There are very few breeders that do not take into consideration the working ability of his stock prior to breeding, so that buyers have a good chance at buying a puppy that will grow to be his "once in a life-time" great bird dog!



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