APC Club Information

National Specialty Winners

2015 Ch Yakityak’s Reindeer Games

2014 GCh Ch Bookstor Willy Wonka

2013 Ch Solivia’s Desiderata

2012 GCh Ch Seasyde Edgehill Heart Of Gold

2011 GCh Ch Tahari’s To Wild To Be Serious

2010 Ch Tahari’s To Wild To Be Serious

2009 Ch Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry

2008 Ch Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry

2007 Ch Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry

2006 Ch Creeksyde’s Bee Outrageous

2005 Ch Kinnike Stewart JH

2004 Ch Oncore C’Wood Sportin Good

2003 Ch Kinnike Stewart JH

2002 Ch Bee Serious Lord Jim

2001 Ch Oncore C’Wood Sportin Good

2000 Ch Oncore C'Wood Sportin Good

1999 Ch Tahari's Serious Beesness JH

1998 Ch Coralwood-Troon Leads The League

1997 Ch Albelarm's Bee Serious

1996 Ch Hampton's Wicked Game

1995 Bookstor Robert Frost

1994 Sydmar Shutout

1993 Ch Marjetta Reatta Of Kintyre

1992 Ch Luftnase Albelarm Bee's Knees

1991 Ch Luftnase Albelarm Bee's Knees

1990 Ch Jason Of Kinnike

1989 Ch Luftnase Albelarm Bee's Knees

1988 Ch Kinnike A Seagate

1987 Ch Jason Of Kinnike

1986 Ch Jason Of Kinnike

1985 Ch Southland Top Secret

1984 Ch Jason Of Kinnike

1983 Ch Woolmers Apricot Lil Of Pipeaway

1982 Ch Humble Acre Head Hunter

1981 Humble Acre Hearts On Fire

1980 Ch Rossenarra Amontillado Of Crookrise

1979 Ch Cumbrian Sea Breeze

1978 Ch Humble Acre Sandstorm

1977 Ch Truewithem Abercrombie

1976 Ch Waldschloss Thunderbolt

1975 Ch Gunhill's Guy Of Wensleydale

1974 Ch Crookrise Greg

1973 Ch Benchfield's Royal Bengal

1972 Ch Waldschloss White Lightning

1971 Ch Shandown's Celebration

1970 Ch Silver Ridge Crackerjack

1969 Ch Bukany's Duke Of Bedminster

1968 Ch Bukany's Duke Of Bedminster

1967 Ch Silver Ridge Crackerjack

1966 Ch Counterpoint's Lord Ashley

1965 Counterpoint's Lord Ashley

1964 Ch Maryjay's Majesty

1963 Ch Maryjay's Majesty

1962 Ch Bryant's Buckeye Chien D'Or

1961 Ch Rementer's Vanguard

1960 All-Mac's Kaye

1959 Ch Woodcock Saddler

1958 Ch Woodcock Saddler

1957 Ch Vilmar's Lucky

1956 Ch Vilmar's Lucky

1955 Ch Vilmar's Lucky

1954 Vilmar's Lucky

1953 Ch Trueluck's Challenge

1952 Ch Trueluck's Challenge

1951 Ch Mihaski's Mr Chipps

1950 inactive – no specialty

1949 inactive – no specialty

1948 inactive – no specialty

1947 inactive – no specialty

1946 Ch Beacon's Game Lad

1945 Herewithem General Mac

1944 Ch Tempo

1943 War – no specialty

1942 War – no specialty

1941 Ch. Captain Bob

1940 Herewithem Yankee Doodle

1939 Ch Pennine Paramount Of Prune's Own – 1st specialty

1938 APC became member of AKC on June 14



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