AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

Nominations for this prestigious award should be sent to

Patti Newton, Corresponding Secretary
34 Savannah Ct
Stafford, VA 22554
(540) 659-5825


American Pointer Club Guidelines 20081008-57-B


Nominations: AKC Sportsmanship Award will be solicited in the Pointer Points issue preceding the annual board meeting.  At the annual meeting submitted names will be presented to the board.  Board members may submit one name at the meeting.

Voting:  Each board member may vote for one name only.  If there is a tie there will be a second vote to break the tie. If no names are submitted by the membership or board it is not mandatory that the award be given.

Annual Good Sportsmanship Award

 The candidates nominated must demonstrate some of the following qualities:

       I.        Promotes goodwill amongst others.

      II.        Supports the activities/wins of others, extending good wishes

     III.        Has the “good of the dogs” at heard

    IV.        Encourages others who may need encouragement

     V.        Is courteous, friendly and kind, especially to newcomers

    VI.        Volunteers time to educate people about dogs, the club and club activities.  Shows interest regarding other breeders’ ideas and thoughts on breeding, their litters and their dogs

   VII.        Offers ideas for breeding, care, grooming, handling, training, etc

  VIII.        Displays integrity, fairness and honesty

Deadline for submission is 30 days prior to Annual Board Meeting.


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