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Canine Related Legislative Summary

The growing Animal Rights agenda is sweeping across the country. In order to protect your rights to own, breed and hunt with your dogs, you must be vigilant as to what is happening in your community.  AKC has a Legislative Tracking Tool for each of the 50 states.  Click on where the Mastiffs are.

The American Kennel Club has a TAKING COMMAND NEWSLETTER. It will keep you informed of legislative matters. There are also alerts sent out regarding legislative issues throughout the country that need immediate attention. These will be listed here on this site as they are released.

The American Kennel Club does not issue an alert for every piece of anti-dog legislation in the country. It is up to the residents of communities to stay informed of the issues and to be organized to help stop the trend.

One way to accomplish that is to join a local All Breed Club. If they don’t have a Legislative Liaison, volunteer for the job. Have a legislative table at your ALL BREED & Specialty Shows to inform people of the issues at hand. The AKC Legislative Dept. has brochures on a variety of issues that are free for the asking.

If there is a Federation in your state, get involved with it. There are many states that have e lists specifically for animal legislative matters. I recommend signing up if there is one in your state. If there isn’t one, perhaps you and some other interested dog people would consider starting one. If you start it up, the word will spread and people will sign on.

Here is a list of the most current pet law sites:

Alabama Pet Law.

California Pet Law
CA Exotic Animal Law
The Animal Council

Florida Pet Law
Florida Pet Law Website

Illinois Pet-Law

Indiana Pet Law

Maine Pet Law

Michigan Pet Law
No BSL in Michigan

Mississippi Pet Law

Missouri Federation of Animal Owners (Mofed)

New England
Pet Law in New England

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Dogs

New Jersey
NJ Dog Law

New Mexico
New Mexico's Animal Control
This is a public forum to address animal control issues and legislation in New Mexico.

New York
New York Dog Legislation

North Carolina
North Carolina Pet Law

Oregon Pet Law

Pennsylvania Dog Legislation

Rocky Mountain region
Rocky Mountain Pet Law

South Carolina
All South Carolina Pet Law

TX-Pet-Law - an announcement-only list for the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance. Subscribers are not able to post messages to this list. It will keep you informed regarding animal/pet ownership issues. To join, send a "Subscribe" e-mail with your name in the message body to

Virginia Dog Legislation
Virginia Hunting Dog Owners' Association

Washington Pet Law

West Virginia
West Virginia Pet Law

WI Animal Laws
Dog Federation of Wisconsin

Dog Legislation Council of Canada

The National Animal Interest Alliance also has a newsletter you can sign up for at: Working together, we can make a difference and ensure that our children and grandchildren will enjoy the same rights of pet ownership as we have.

PAWS 4 LAWS is a new site which is posting all anti-dog legislation in all communities no matter how big or small. Bookmark their address and check on it regularly in order to protect your rights to own, breed, hunt and enjoy your pets. You can contact your legislators directly from their site.

Marjorie Martorella
APC Legislative Liaison



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